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تاريخ التسجيل : 07/05/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: 00 tragedy of 0000 Karbala 0000   الإثنين يوليو 27, 2009 10:30 am

Settled the succession of Abu Muawiya ibn Sufyan - may Allah be pleased with him - in the year 41 H, after the waiver is Hassan bin Ali bin Abi Talib, on the succession, and Bayah is Hussein and his brother - may Allaah be pleased with them - and followed by people, so is good, to stop the bloodshed, and unity of word and class, has been praised so much on making people well, and opened to the year in which it sought Balsaleh "in the group" in this endeavor and has good prediction grandfather Muhammad - peace be upon him - and Colth: "My son is the master, and may God fit between the two categories of great Muslims. "

The Hassan and Hussein, sons of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, used to Muawiyah in Damascus Vikremama and improves Vadthma, defines the amount of them and count, and when he died under his brother Hassan, Hussein - may Allah be pleased with him - come each year to Maaouya; improving reception and exaggerate in the Ikramh, Hussein remained faithful to Biath, and sees the exit on the contrary to the obedience Maaouya Biath to him, did not respond to the desire of the people of Kufa, in this regard, but that Hussein took part in the army, which recreate Maaouya Constantinople led to the invasion of his son, "over" in 49 e.

Surprised, "Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan," the Islamic nation to nominate his son, "more" of the succession after him in the presence of a number of senior companions, and began to take a pledge in his life, in other Islamic countries, Baltrgheb and sometimes intimidating other times, not only against the people of the Hijaz, The focus of the opposition Al-Hussein bin Ali, and Abdullah bin Umar, Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr - may Allah be pleased with them -.

Died Mu'aawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan - may Allah be pleased with him - 60 years of e, and was succeeded by his son over; sent him to the city to take a pledge of Hussein, who refused to Ibaya more, also rejected - by - his appointment as crown prince in the succession of his father, Sid, and secretly left the city to Mecca and sit by, waiting for the outcome of the events.

Opinion of the Shiites in Kufa, the time had come for that is the successor of Al-Husayn ibn Ali, after they realized that coming to Mecca; Vajtmawa in the house of their leader, "Ben Solomon Srd," and agreed to write to Hussein urging him to come to them, to recognize him, and Evalonh succession, Successive supervision messages to al-Kufa, are desired to be present, even at fifty a message.

In the face of such rapid communications, and promises the people of Kufa and support the picturesque Banasrp, Hussein responded to their calls, and resolve them before they leave to explore the matter and verify the sincerity of their promises; sent his cousin, "Muslim bin Aqeel bin Abi Talib," for this purpose, and that arrived in Kufa, so enthusiastically received by people very warm and very down home, "the chosen Althagafi" and taken to receive the Shia-based, even if he met a large number of them, read them, "Muslim" is a book-Hussein, which states that .bhm to want to be treading the Covenant, and the patience to jihad; a result, crying, and the announcement by the senior Shiite support for Hussein, and speeches, some of them influential in the audience said: "By God, if you Ojipennekm, Oqatln to you your enemy, and Odharbn Bsevi Donkm until he was God, so I do not want only what God" .. It was not a "Muslim bin Aqeel", which see these huge crowds, which announced Biatha of the dictator, but to write to assure him of Hussein and asking him to come and say to him: "COFFEE Baini of the people of eighteen thousand men in introducing, all you people, do not view them in all Abu Sufyan. "

When the "Yazid ibn Muawiya" what is happening in Kufa, and isolate them, "al-Nu'man ibn Bashir," for being soft with the Muslim and forgotten what he is doing and place the crown, "Obaidullah bin Ziad," attended to immediately, and follow the policy with the people of Kufa, intensity and intimidation, and bought the loyalty of some of them do funds, Fanfdt on thousands of Muslim and left to die alone after being arrested, "Ibn Ziad," and threw him from the top of the Emirate Palace and died, and then crucified; was the first dead body of the crucified Banihashem.

Hussein left Mecca to Kufa, in 8 of 60 e-Hijjah, and when it was "Al" unaware of the killing of a Muslim and a weakness for the protection and Alkoviin triumph, he decided to return to Mecca, but Muslim brothers insisted on moving forward to hit back, to find no Hussein appeared Mtauathm, The walk was in the vicinity of Karbala, Kufa, in (2 of Muharram 561 e) found in a large army led by Umar ibn al-awaited Saad bin Abi Waqas, while Hussein was the mastermind with the breath, having dispersed his people, was left with only the people of his home and a little who chased him in the road, however, Almtkavitin forces camped in this place.

Hussein tried to get out of this impasse after that the people of Kufa and the weakness of his stepping down as abandoned by the Muslims from the pro, and the Takazlhm denied that the books sent to the Al-Hussein, while mentioned by, introduced to the Omar bin Saad three solutions: either to refer to the place who accept it, or go to the gaps in the mouths of Islamic Jihad, and either come over bin Muawiyah in Damascus, put his hand in the hand.

These proposals were a good step towards a peaceful solution, leaving the Revolution, and the injection of blood; sent by "Omar bin Saad" to him, "Obeid-Allah ibn Ziyad" rejected these solutions, however, refused to hand over Hussein himself as a hostage, and sends it as such to increase the Damascus, scoffed at the age when the reference was to Al-Hussein, wrote to him: "I did not Obosk to Hussein to stop him and hoped for safety and survival, see the Al-Hussein and his companions went to the government and surrendered them to Fabos, parents and even kill them Vazhv represent them, they entitled to that. "

Hussein Ben Ali rejected this request, and the collection of his friends once again and told them: "We have Brrtm and Aontm, and people do not want anybody else, if not killed me Eptgua anyone else, if Cengm Vtafrqgua in the night and Swadh Anjua yourself," What was them and they were not all with his cousins and relatives, however, told him: "God forbid, but live your life and you die."

Before we begin the battle for the Army to prevent the son of Ziyad Al-Hussein of the water and his companions suffer thirst Vlbthoa days, targeting of the Al-Hussein on the recognition of coercion, then the fighting began between the two unequal on the tenth of Muharram, Hussein was with the Thirty-two and forty-rider on foot, in the while the army of his enemies more than four thousand people, frequently including the occupants of cavalry and camels, and have reproduced a variety of weapons, although the disparity has shown a variety Hussein and his wonderful courage and bravery, Tsaqtoa one after the other and they rallied around Hussein and fighting between his hands and went beyond murder combatants to the children of men and boys from Al Aatarth home, not only is left, fighting the crowds that applied to them, even Otknoh wounds; fell - may Allah be pleased with him - dead, and then cut off his head and sent Shurayfah to over bin Muawiya, was spared from death only " Zine El Abidine Ali Ibn Al-Hussein, "keeping the offspring of his father after him.

The result of the battle and the martyrdom of Hussein, this terrible tragedy as bloodied and shaken the hearts of Muslims everywhere in the feelings, emotions and moved towards the Al al-Bayt, and the cause of the many revolutions against the Umayyads, even ended up in fall, and the place, the Abbasid state.

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