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Islamic Sultnpdelhy

The minaret of a mosque Qutubuddin

History of the Islamic "Arwa bint Ahmed Salhia" as the first woman to govern the country in the Islamic world, the State of Yemen came to the throne after the death of her husband King "Mukarram" Year (477 e = 1084) and acted in the matters of state, and had taken many of the same titles, including free Queen, Ms. Good, and has been governing the country nearly 55 years.

The quirk of fate, to be "satisfactory relief" is the second model, which would sit on the King; state, where the rule of the Mamluks in India, followed by tree Darr in Egypt; where she was the first Queen of the State of the Mamelukes in Egypt (648 e = 1250) and sentenced to eight days.

Involved in the three queens prudence, good governance, resourcefulness, intelligence, and enjoyment of the vision, but have been separated in time Qdinha in power.

State of the Mamluks in India

The minaret of a mosque Qutubuddin

The abyssal State (543-613 = 1148-1215 e m) on the ruins of the State Ghaznawi which owns the country's Rift Valley, Afghanistan, India, North Sultan used the "Mohammed Algori" Palmmalik in the governance of the country who were buying and Benayath, victims, and prepare them for the invasion and jihad, and amounts of them qualified talents and talents for leadership and positions of governance, known among those Mamlukes "Qutubuddin Aibak," and the mandate of Lah Algori Delhi.

Qutubuddin was a skilled commander and governor just stick to Islam and hates injustice and arbitrariness, and abhors the caste system that prevailed in India, and having a great mosque in Delhi, is a beacon stands, still exist, even today knows his name, "Qutb Manar", and up to 250 feet.

Did not look life Algori Mohammed Sultan where he was the assassination in the year (603 e = 1206) and created the conditions that the highlight Delhi as the capital of the Mameluke Sultans State, India, was happy Qutubuddin Aibak including circumstances created, it is the other died after the incident from the horse back years (608 e = 1210) and was succeeded by his son, "Aram Shah," but he was not qualified to take back the country's affairs "Altmc" One prominent Mmalik his father for his removal from power by the rest of the princes, and sat on the throne in common (614 e = 1216).

Mandate Altmc

The borders of the Sultanate of Delhi

Is "Altmc" the real founder of the State of the kingdoms of India, which was originally owned by the Sultan bought Qutubuddin Aibak of Ghazni, and talents enabled him to take large positions, and the confidence of his master; Fullah his presidency, and then entrusted with the management of some states of India.

Once caught, "Altmc" the reins of the country so that the efficiency of detection of the rare and the ability of management and organization, and desire in the administration of justice and justice for the oppressed, Veensp him that the establishment of the senior princes Mamlukes known as the "forty" to assist in the management of the country, and that it affects is that every oppressed person wearing dress Msaboga, and the people of India are all wearing white, if the people or stopped over at a gathering of people, he saw one wearing a dress Msaboga; consideration of the case and who Oncefh injustice.

Has witnessed "Altmc" for the devastating Mongol invasion of the country around them, led by their leader, Genghis Khan, the Mongols, however, quickly withdrew from India, and their eyes turned toward the West; Altmc Viz's devastation and destruction, while the storm to ensure the elimination of enemies of the Mughal state in the north; which enabled him to expand his country, and restore all the property of his master "Qutubuddin Aibak" in northern India.

The win was acknowledged that the extent of the mandate of the Abbasid Caliphate of India, and endorsed by the power of the country, and sent him a successor, "Almstnasr God" tradition of the Abbasid and dislocations in the brigade (626 e = 1229) was the first Sultan in India receives such a tradition, and began to hit the silver engraving by the name next to the name of the Abbasid Caliph, was the first purely Arab silver strike in India.

The mandate of the debt comfortably Alsultanp

Sultan died, "Altmc" Year (634 e = 1236) and was succeeded by his son, "Feroze corner", but he was concerned about the responsibility of governance and its consequences Ballho and play, leaving the administration of their own mother to the black hole, which made the order conditions to worsen increased, and catch the opposition against him, The crisis ended, recognized that many of the princes "comfortably built Altmc religion," and Ogelsoeha on the throne of the Sultanate, and had enjoyed good qualities of prudence, courage and self-restraint, and a good chance of intelligence, kept the Koran, and are familiar with Islamic jurisprudence.

Her father was assigned to some of the tasks, so that makes them think that the "master of the Covenant" without her brothers, who were busy Ballho male and temptation, has achieved what he considered her father does not see others who were opposed to it by preference, as the outcome of the sultanate until it is shown its qualities, so that historians of India, which they called "two sides of the biblical Queen of turnover", the world's strife.

The mandates

I sat down, "satisfactory relief" on the throne of the Sultanate of Delhi for nearly four years (634-637 m e = 1236-1369) made it possible to promote the country's energy by Khot coffers of money for the extravagance of her brother and her father went to a wise policy in a fair, but it hit the senior princes kings who make up the group sessions, and monopolize power and influence, and tried hard to Queen Tsushm, and eke to break their word, and the hunt for the rebels, rebel, and had seen men, and sit on the throne and robe, the hood on her head and lead the army side-saddle on a Velha.

Since conditions stabilized Mmketha left to regulate its own affairs, and appointed new ministers of the country, and authorized the army to be one of the most effective leaders is "Seifeddin Aibak," and succeeded in their armies to attack the castle, "Rnthpour" and save the besieged Muslim, and the Indians are encircling the castle after the death of her father, the Sultan "Altmc."

However, this policy was not welcomed by the Mmalik Sultntha Onfoa who ruled that the woman, and increased the hatred for this to be brought to a man Alsultanp Varca called "Gamaleldin ruby", he was commander of cavalry, was unable to ignore Alsultanp rebel movements against the , as was done at a time, gathered by the Mamluks and set against the revolution, and tried to suppress with all the courage, but was defeated, and ended up in her (the first 25 of the spring 637 e = 25 of October 1239) and give her brother the Sultan, "Moez religion," the throne of the country.
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