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مُساهمةموضوع: 0000 a 00-Yarmouk 00 and 00 State 0 decline 00 Roman 0000   الإثنين يوليو 20, 2009 9:16 am

Able Islamic armies after a battle Ojnadin events that occurred in (27 Jun 13 the first year of e = 30 August 643 m) to follow her triumphant, and graduated from victory to victory, even extended her hand to the great parts of the Levant were "visual" and "Baalbek" and "Homs" and "Damascus" and "Balqa" and "Jordan" and parts of "Palestine."

It was not before the "Hercules" Roman emperor, only to regroup for the battle of a comma after the word that collapsed parts of the state before the Muslim conquest, began preparing for the battle to restore his authority and was taken out of their own, and gathered large numbers of soldiers is estimated to take up arms from the Greek, it is moving advancing from Antioch - where he lives - to the southern Levant.

Muslim armies in Syria

Forces after the opening of the Islamic year Homs (14 e = 635 m) distributed in different places, Abu Ubaida bin wounds in Homs, Khaled Bin Al Waleed forces in Damascus, the bin good Crhabayl resident in Jordan, and Amr ibn al-Aas on Palestine.

When the news of Roman's preparations to the wounds of Abu Ubaida bin collection Ichaoarham leaders and explore their views, and ended dialogue, including the withdrawal of Islamist forces from the cities have been opened up to a location close to the country, the Hijaz, and gather all the armies in the army of one, and that is Abu Ubaida bin wounds to the city required duration of the Caliph, "Umar ibn al-Khattab."

Before the move, "Abu Ubaida bin wounds," the armies of the Muslims, called "Habib ibn Muslim" - intended abscess - and said to him: "I echo the people who we Salehnahm of the people of the country what we have given them, it should not stop them if we did not take them nothing, and say to them: We are what we were in between us and you of the peace, not only to go back you go back, and we responded to you but your hatred, I have to take your money and prevent your ...".

When he became the morning is to leave his Abu Obeida of Homs to Damascus, and the Muslim response Habib bin tribute to the people of Homs, and learn what the Abu Ubaida; what, they said: "God is your response to us, and cursed the God who Imlkonnena Roman, but By God, what if they are returned to us, but Gsabona and took the job of our money; your mandate to deliver to us than we like it Algshm and injustice. "

To move the Yarmouk

Map signed Yarmouk

Muslims evacuated after the city of Homs, the Roman troops came, so the Homs, and then moved south through the Bekaa Valley to Baalbek, was heading to Damascus, where the Moslems; but moved to the south.

Muslims who felt they were watching the movements of the Roman in this course designed to circumvent the siege and spare the Muslims denied them; met Abu Obeida Itbageson commanders, the Ivaqgua out of the damascus Gabip to, and there is joined by Amr Ibn El-Aas Army Crouching Palestine, at the same time waiting for extended the Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab.

Advanced groups of the Roman army to the Jordan River in the direction of the Muslim Gabip, and feared the Muslims are going to the troop of Roman living in Jordan and Palestine and the other coming from Antioch; Afiktawa supply lines, and turn Bpinhm and the area north of Jordan, Balqa ties Balhijaz; therefore decided to withdraw from the Islamic armies Gabip to the Yarmouk.

Prepare for battle

Khalid bin Walid took the general command of the army comes from Karim bin Abu Obeida surgeon, who had authority over the armies of the Muslim Baham, who was seized in one of the greatest people and the scourge of Oazmanm Swimming and Oemenhm sergeants.

Khaled began to organize his forces, and the amount to 46 thousand combatants, and the Department of the Army to Kradis, or battalions, comprising between 600 to 1000 men, divided into parts Epiphysis decimal; Corporal, who are leading the ten men, and ordered the Sergeant Major, who leads the deciles (100 men ), and the commander who leads the Epiphysis ten deciles of the warlords (1000) men.

Historians are unanimous that the Khalid bin Walid was first introduced to the organization of armies, this way, his promised a breakthrough in the Islamic military; Epiphysis men have chosen to one tribe or one of those originating from the same tribe, and to make each of them Cardoze leader who knew the courage and bravery , and then collect Alkradis to each other and to make them heart and Maimana, soft, and was led by Abu Obeida Kradis heart surgeon Ben, along with the migrants and supporters, and on the starboard Kradis Amr Ibn El-Aas, assisted by Ben Crhabayl good, and the soft Kradis Yazeed ibn Abi Sufyan.

This amounted to 36 Alkradis Cardosa infantry, in addition to ten Kradis Mounted, four of which stand behind the heart and two in the forefront, and the remaining four were distributed on both sides of Starboard and soft.

The Roman army was of about two hundred thousand fighters, led by "Mahan", has been to the forefront of his army with a group of Arabs from Almtnasrp Lkhm and leprosy, Ghassan, first and foremost "Jabala Aloehm bin", and Maimana headed "Turin", and soft on the head, "the son of Aqueduct "In the Heart" Alderjan, "Mahan left Muslims in the fog on a description describes twenty soldiers, he said, in describing the narrators of this terrible army:" Then came the Muslims, such as night and stream. "

Monks at night .. Order of the day

Called one of the leaders of the Greek man from a Christian Arab, he said to him: get into the camp of the people, see the conversion, and they, and their work, and what they do, and then he told me what I saw Aitni. The man came out of a Roman camp, even the Muslims have not entered the camp Istnkroh; because he was a man of the Arabs, the Arabic tongue and face, Arabic, Fmkt night in their camp so that sued a public day, and then went back to his turkeys, and said to him: Jitk of the night when people are all, fast and pray the day, and enjoin right and forbid what is evil, Order of monks at night the day, and yours to steal if his hand cut off, even if the weight Rjmoh; preference to the right, and their passion for it.

When the man finished, he said the Arab leader Rumi: While most of these people as claimed, as reported to the belly of the earth is better than those who want to fight back.

At dawn on Monday (5 Rajab 15 e = 12 August 636 m) has become a good Muslim to fight the Romans themselves, to meet Mnscherhp chests, hearts, and confident of the victory of God, and left the system developed by the commander-in-chief with banner.

Marched in the Muslim Abu Obeida urges people to patience and persistence, he tells them: "O slaves of Allah Anasroa God helps you, and to demonstrate sound of your footsteps, O Muslims, be patient, the patience of unsanctioned infidelity, and the pleasure of the Lord; Nbarhawwa Massavkm not, and to step out, and Tbdauhm fighting, initiate and spears, and Asttroa Baldrq and stay silent only enough to even mention God.

Moaz and bin Jabal came out of the people say: Oh, the readers of the Koran and Msthfezi writers and supporters of the guidance and the right parents, the mercy of God - and God - are the recipients, and do not fall within its aspirations, and to bear God's forgiveness and compassion, however sincere believers wide, including the promise of Allah (God), you -- God - Mnsouron, Votiawa Allah and His Messenger, nor Tnazawa Vtvchloa Rihkm go, be patient and steadfast with God, and Asthioa from your Lord to see you escape from your enemy, and hold you and His mercy, and not one of you without shelter.

Meeting the critical and the results

Crawled from the ranks of the Roman tractors place to Muslims, they have a loud boom of thunder, and the income of thirty thousand of them in a series of ten so as not to flee, has raised Salbanhm, and I accept their bishops, priests and Batarqp.

When Khalid saw this as motivation to torrential, the plan must prove to the Muslims in this attack, sweeping; cracks and even break the ranks of the Roman, and then start the counter attack.

The Khalid Bin Al Waleed phlegmatical unflappable opinion of this crowd, a frequent torrential Aerm not intimidated loosen, and may have heard of a Muslim soldier ripping his heart when he saw the Greek landscape, he said: What is the most Roman of Muslims and the least - of Phanzj Colth and said to him: What is the minimum amount of Roman and more Muslims, but many soldiers less than victory is not the number of abandoned men, Obarom Takuffine?!

Cohesion of the two stressed the Roman Maimana Muslims came to light, and they also Balmisrp, and proved the heart was not recruited by unfolding, and the Abu Ubaida behind their backs; Rdoua them encouragement to them as, and has done a good job Muslims, like mountains, some of them proved Alraschat, beat the finest examples of courage and to the appeal and women fought the best fight.

Muslims attack with overwhelming wholeheartedly; if shaken and full back line and went back to fighting, even if the moment was waiting for the commander, Khalid bin Walid Nabgp yelled at people: "O people of Islam, when people are no more of the skin, fighting, force, except as may be seen, Valhdp, psychological distress Volve Iattiynkm hand of God to them at the nail.

And encroaching Pfersanh Khalid who had to fight, and was Idkm of those critical hours, and swooped on the Roman, who have become jaded and tired, their ranks, and the Order of the Roman camp had been carried out to Muslims in the back, when the counter-attack to Khalid heart of the case between the U.S. and the Roman Frsanhm, who were surprised by this attack countermeasures; did not participate in the fighting, and much Khilhm them out in the desert, leaving the battlefield. And when he saw the Muslims horses Let them escape the Roman road and let them leave the battlefield.

Roman completely collapsed, and panic Wiczahmwa cowered behind each other and they are retreating, to the Muslims who follow them; until they reach the place of Musharraf on the brink of Tanhm, falling by the result, not see the feet under, and the night had come, and fog filled the air, the latest of whom was not aware of what is above , and the Alsaqton in this abyss of tens of thousands, and recalls some accounts they were eighty thousand, and the abyss that is called "Allowakosp"; that the Roman and Qsoa, and the killing of Muslims in the battle of the Roman Odberoa after about fifty thousand, other than those who have fallen into the abyss.

As the next day, the Muslims did not find anyone in the valley of the Greek, Roman Feznoa had prepared an ambush, Fbosoa horses to know is, if they had been shepherds Ikbrunhm were retreating into the abyss, and were still left the place and left.

The battle of Yarmuk was one of the greatest battle of Islam and most far-reaching movement in the Islamic conquest, it was the Roman army - the most powerful armies of the world that day - a cruel defeat, the loss of flower recruited, Hercules has realized the magnitude of the disaster that befell him and Bdavlath, left the final, heart-rending grief, which say: "Peace to you my Syria, no to peace talks after the country and yes you are the enemy, not friend, nor Idechlk turkey after only scared now."

The result of this great victory that the Muslims settled in the Levant, and completed the opening of all cities, and then continued the march of conquest; Vdmwa Egypt and North Africa.
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